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What should I do if the pad printer machine is used for a long time and the printing is unclear?

The pad printing machine can print on non-planar materials with high quality and apparent printing. The Pad printer machine finishes the printing work by moving the glue head, dipping the ink, and then transferring it to the printed materials. The work efficiency is fast, and the printing effect is apparent and widely popular. Then the pad printer machine uses a long time printing needs to be clarified how to do it?

Because its working principle requires the rubber head to be repeatedly ground and printed, even if there is a scraper with the ink that can be scraped off part of the ink, if used repeatedly for too long, the glue head will still have excess residual ink. If the number of printing is too many, the residual ink will likely cause the next printing to be unclear or even contaminated. This phenomenon is most common in pad printer machines that have been used for too many years. In addition, after working every day, the residual ink will dry on the glue head, and the contaminants will grow and affect the printing quality.

Therefore, the glue head needs to be cleaned when working and can be cleaned in two ways. By improving the de-inking function of the glue head, the ink can be left on the glue head as little as possible, thus improving the printing quality. It is also possible to transfer the excess ink on the glue head. The specific work can be done by moving the glue head to dip the ink and scraping off the excess ink with a squeegee or the edge of the ink cup. Then the glue head is printed on adhesive paper, which can clean the glue head. Prevent the glue head from being inked for a long time, causing ink residue and affecting the printing quality.

Pad printer machine with this step of the glue head cleaning work, you can ensure the stability of printing accuracy and printing patterns more precise and accurate. Even if the printing volume is large, it will not cause unclear printing, edges, etc., because of the residual ink on the glue head. Pad printer machines can print on small printed items that cannot be completed by ordinary printing machines, such as bottle caps, so the printing pattern is relatively small, and the pattern accuracy requirements are high. If the glue head is not cleaned, it can easily damage the whole pattern and cause waste. If this loss is not taken care of, it can bring significant loss. A simple cleaning device can perfectly solve this problem and make the pad printer machine’s printing work more stable and the printing quality more guaranteed. Every detail of its construction guarantees a wide range of applications. Even exemplary electronic components can be printed by a pad printer machine, which shows the role of a pad printer machine in the field of printing.

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