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Customized machine

ENGYPRINT’s customized pad printing machine service

Pad printing machine customize service is aim to meet the special products printing requirements when the standard pad printer cannot achieve the printing task. For example, a company hope to print water bottle caps in colors, and production capacity is 30000pcs /hour ,in this case, regular two color open tray or closed ink cup printer are definitely cannot achieve this printing speed. Then , the customized service is needed.
Engyprint professional engineering team can design the machine according to the clients’ demand , bring the dream into reality , so that they can achieve higher printing speed, special pre-treatment before printing, special feeding method, or print on the unique location etc.

Pad printing customized service can be widely used in product printing in all walks of life. Including medical treatment, automobiles, sales promotion, clothing, household appliances, sports equipment , toys etc. The physical changes in the ink film on the cliche and the pad allow the ink to leave the etched image area. And then adhere to the pad, finally to the substrate. The unique properties of the silicone pad enable it to pick up image from flat surfaces and transfer them to the surface of the object to be printed. Such as flat, cylindrical, spherical, concave, convex and other areas. We manufacture not only standard pad printer in short production lead time, but also customized pad printer to meet the diverse printing needs of customers.

Why choose ENGYPRINT?

ENGYPRINT always take client’s demand in first priority.
You can discover a wide range of pad printing/ tampography machines adapted to your needs here, From manual stand-alone machines to fully automated pad printing machines.
Pad printing is perhaps the only printing methods that can print excellent detailed images onto unique surfaces such as a golf ball or even a walnut. It also excels at printing onto textured plastic surfaces and smooth surfaces alike.
One of the main advantages of ENGYPRINT customized pad printing is its affordability.
ENGYPRINT has carefully selected our pad printer accessories supplier, they have been proved to be trustworthy with good price for so many years. That’s why when you work with us, we can provide affordable pad printing solution, client don’t have trouble to deal with repairing or maintenance which can further reduce your overhead costs.

Another advantage of ENGY pad printing is its convenience. If you plan to work with ENGYPRINT, You don’t have to worry about the logistics of setting up and operating a printing press. We have professional logistics agent to take care of all the details for you, and our after sales team will providing the necessary equipment to handling the print job. This can free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.
Third, ENGY pad printing offers high-quality prints. The experts at Pad Printing Technology have years of experience and access to top-of-the-line equipment. This combination allows us to produce far superior quality prints to what you could achieve with an in-house printing press.
Finally, ENGYPRINT understand the different way of plate-making to help client print the delicate logo on the products.

Customizable pad printing machine models and equipment features

We are a specialized semi-automatic pad printing machine manufacturer. We are able to provide high-quality semi-automatic pad printers and valuable printing solutions. Auto Print remains committed to strengthening the innovation of our pad printing machine. And fully electric pad printing machine can improve the printing precision and lower down the noise. We can meet customers’ different printing needs and being environmental friendly. The existing pad printers include but are not limited to one-color, two-color, four-color, six color, eight color pad printing machine with shuttle or with conveyor, and small table top one-color or two color pad printing machine. Our semi-automatic pad printing machine for sale now can be widely used in the printing of bottles, bottle caps, clothing labels, signs,glasses, medical parts, promotional items etc.

Working with a ENGY printer with the expertise and access to top-of-the-line equipment is critical for achieving the most outstanding results from your pad printing project. With years of experience, Pad Printing Technology knows how to produce high-quality printers that meet your business’s needs.

When you use a ENGY pad printer, you can be confident that your printers will be of good quality. And if something does go wrong, you can rest assured knowing that the experts at the ENGY printing company will be there to help you fix the problem in time.

So if you’re looking for high-quality pad printing at an affordable price, look no further than Printing Technology. ENGY printing is a great way to get high-quality images for your business at a competitive price. We offer our clients the best possible pad printers to succeed in their business. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Table top One Color Pad Printing Machine

EN-C125/1T is a tabletop pad printing machine with pneumatic driven up/down and front/back stroke. All operations has been set well and programmed on the PCB board, This pad printing machine has stable working performance and can achieve high-precision printing. The ink cup size of this pad printer is 90x100mm and the printing plate size is 100x200mm. It is widely used in small parts printing, especially high-standard parts, such as auto parts, electronic parts, glasses, pens etc. This table top pad printing machine is also suitable for production integration lines. Further more, because of it’s small structure, it can greatly save the shipping cost.

Independent ink cup stroke four color Pad Printing Machine

EN-C250/4S pad printer with Independent ink cup stroke , ink cups stroke is controlled by independent cylinder, it is adjustable for different print requirements. Part shuttle driven by programmable servo motor for accurate print and color to color registration. All the functions are easily controlled from the touch screen. The tape cleaning system can be added to save operator works and make sure the good print result. Available to make 4 color to 6 color machine.

Two Color Pad Printing Machine

EN-C160/2A pad printer is a customized machine which is made according to the client’s demand for electrical tool’s plastic parts printing, customer is very satisfied with it.
It is driven by pneumatic system, and equipped with rotatory work table to improve the printing speed and printing precision. The major pad printer accessories are all well-known brand.
With the PLC touch panel, client can adjust the printing speed, pad delay time during printing, up and down, back and forth stroke for pad and steel plate etc to make the operation of the machine being easy.
And, there are another two common types of two-color pad printing machines in ENGY, one is equipped with common shuttle worktable, another with a conveyor, This customized pad printer is two-color pad printing machine is pneumatic driven, it is also be able to be designed with full electric drive.

One Color Pad Printing Machine with Pad Cleaning System

EN-C125/1CS is a pad printing machine assembled with pad cleaning system, the pad cleaning system is adopted to save the pad cleaning time to improve the printing speed and precision, and save labor cost. one-color pad printing machine is one of the most popular pad printers. one-color pad printers can be equipped with both closed ink cup or open tray. This one-color pad printing machine has a variety of sizes to choose from125 ,160 to 200 or even 250 machine stroke, and can print various types of products. It is equipped with a sturdy welded steel base and has an adjustable floor leveler, The worktable is height-adjustable, The standard machines are all pneumatically driven and controlled by PCB. We also have servo-driven machine, and can provide complete pad printing kits.

ENGY’s customized pad printing machine service


Except existing semi-automatic pad printing machine, we also provide customized production services. In this way, we could meet the actual printing needs. Our professional team will understand the customer’s printing needs in detail. And we provide customers with specialized solutions based on the product’s printing area, graphics, and other information. Including machine model, application scope, and other aspects.
Our custom fully automatic pad printing machine provides the following services:
● Provide 1-year warranty service for each custom automatic pad printing machine;If there is a problem with the electrical accessories of the custom printer, it will be replaced by a free warranty within 1 year;
● Provide printing technical services for each pad printer;
● Each custom pad printing machine provides supporting printing accessories and consumables;
● Once you buy our pad printing machine, we will provide lifetime free consultation service
● Free design of the pad printer;
● One-stop solution for pad printer accessories;
● Free sampling test before the machine delivery;


It depends on what kind of product that client want to print, and what’s the printing requirement. For example:

When the printing area is very big (for example 35cm) which is already exceed the regular pad printer’s max printing area, and the product is also big

●  When the printing area is very big (for example 35cm) which is already exceed the regular pad printer’s max printing area, and the product is also big

●  When the print area is very special for example: concave area, or multi-colors in different side of the product

●  When the printing color is more than 6, for example 8 colors or 12 colors

●  When the product is very big dimension while the printed logo is very small

●  When several logos need to be printed at one time

●  When the production capacity is bigger than normal for example ( 50000pcs/hour)

●  When the special treatment is needed, for example: flame treatment , UV curing, or hot wind facility etc

They are many different products are suitable for pad printing, normally below parts might need customized service: shoes,big ceramic plates, plastic panel for washers or home appliance, helmet, long tubes with long logo( more than 20cm),

Electrical tools plastic parts, contact lens, bottle caps, golf balls etc.

If you have any product that don’t know how to choose the printing solution, please feel free to contact with ENGYPRINT.

ENGYPRINT always being responsible for our products, even if sometimes , our machine was sold to third party through dealer , and the third party come to us directly for after sale technical support. We will always being kind and response in time. We will provide service and support as below for reference:

1. Technical support and operation instruction

2.Free sample printing service before delivery

3.Machine quality assurance for 1 year

4.24 hours in time after sale service

5.Full pad printing consumables

6.Plate-making technology

7.Innovative disposable ink cup

Mix the ink is a basic but very important step to achieve a quality print. If it is not done properly, the printing process might be frustrated and might cause a loss of production and a waste of valuable time and energy.

Here are some suggestions for your reference:


First: It is necessary for you to choose the correct type of ink for printing, because different material requires for different Ink . the ink to print on plastic is definitely different than it use to print on metal or glasses surface.


Second, please prepare some essential equipment if it is possible, for example unlined mixing cups (no wax), mixing sticks and a quality electronic scale with an accuracy of .1 grams , otherwise, the ink mixing will becomes guesswork, causing the quality and precision of the print to suffer. Do remember to Zero or tare out the scale (make sure it is on a level surface).


Third, Add the ink to a mixing cup. It is better to control the volume no less than 40 grams as it will not flow well in the cup or inkwell once mixed.


And then add appropriate hardener ratio. It is depending on the ink series, please check with the ink supplier for the accurate ratio.


Finally add solvent at a ratio of about 5%-10% then re-mix. It is the important step to adjustment the viscosity of the ink depends on the quality of thinner that is being added. Generally you should never exceed 20-25%; however, dilution varies from series to series.


Some times, if there is no hardener, people also use thinner directly to adjust the viscosity. But it need to check the real situation.


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