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●  PLC is used to control various actions, the cylinder is driven to make the performance more stable and the operation easier; the noise is low, the pressure is uniform, and the maintenance is simple.

●  The machine speed is fast, no matter how complicated the pattern (one-color as an example), it can print6-7 products per minute, which means to at least 400 pieces per hour. Calculated by working 8 hours a day, the daily output can reach at least 3200 pieces. It is equivalent to the 8-10 days output of 8 painters, which greatly saves labor costs and improves work efficiency.

●  The transfer pattern is clear and accurate, and the repeat error is within ±0.8mm.

●  It is suitable for products with smooth or uneven surfaces, and has a wider range of applications than screen printing.

●  The consumption cost of the production of ceramics (including pigments and ink) is much lower than screen printing, manual painting and decals.

●  printing area: applicable in the range of 50mm-350

Customized service is acceptable , 1 , 2 , 3, 4 or other different colors can be made according to the real requirement.