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The development trend of screen printing machine industry

In the continuous development of the silk-screen printing industry, from the traditional textile, clothing, packaging to the emerging solar energy, glass, PCB and other industries, the continuous transition and development, the continuous expansion of the application field has promoted the silk-screen printing to a new journey step by step. . In this process, the emergence of many demands and standards for high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, and special printing are all guiding the silk printing and special printing industry to transition from manual and semi-automatic processing to fully automatic and precision machinery, in order to achieve greater Scale, higher level product application. As one of the most important equipment in the screen printing industry, the development of screen printing machine technology plays an immeasurable role in this process.
The development of screen printing machine is closely related to screen printing technology. Screen printing has a history of more than 2,000 years. In the 1970s, the rapid development of the industry not only drove the national income, but also prompted the birth of the screen printing industry. It has been developed for nearly 40 years. It has been running for 32 years from the earliest manual printing → electric screen printing machine → pneumatic screen printing machine. The low production efficiency has made the development of the entire industry stagnant, so that it has been quite a period of time. In the downturn, screen printing technology developed rapidly in the 1980s. The earliest development is Germany and Italy, especially Germany, with a complete range of screen printing equipment, sophisticated manufacturing, and a high reputation in the industry. The trend of high-speed screen printing. Influenced by the rising screen printing technology in Europe and the United States, the screen printing industry in Taiwan first developed. In the mid-1980s, the number of screen printing practitioners in the printed circuit board, electronics, plastics and other industries reached 100,000. During this period, Taiwan’s screen printing equipment manufacturing industry has also developed by leaps and bounds. In mainland China, the initial development of screen printing equipment was in the mid-1980s. In the late 1980s, the number of manufacturers producing screen printing equipment and screen printing peripheral equipment gradually increased, and the products were initially serialized, but most of the equipment was simple in design. The number of printing employees reached 150,000, which greatly stimulated the development of the screen printing equipment manufacturing industry in mainland China. In the 1990s, the number of equipment manufacturers has increased to nearly 100, and the increasing number of manufacturers has brought fierce competition, making my country’s screen printing equipment manufacturing industry enter an era of specialization and automation.
On the one hand, the development of the screen printing machine is promoting the rapid development of the screen printing manufacturing industry, and on the other hand, it has an inseparable relationship with the printing process technology: the fierce market competition has made the screen printing process technology develop rapidly, the number of colors has increased, and the printing accuracy has also continued. Improvement, all of which put forward higher requirements for screen printing equipment. Only by improving the level of research and development and design innovation can we keep up with the requirements of the market. On the other hand, how to give full play to the maximum benefit of screen printing equipment is also closely related to the professionalism of operators. Therefore, under the premise of continuous innovation of screen printing machine technology, a large number of professional talents are needed to truly promote the development of the industry. This is also one of the important issues faced by the silk screen printing industry.
From the initial introduction from abroad, to the screen printing machine with independent intellectual property rights, and then to the export to foreign countries, the road of China’s screen printing machine is not short. The founders and decision-makers of this industry have witnessed the development of this industry step by step. After years of experience accumulation, they have concentrated on the advantages of similar products in Europe and the United States, and greatly improved the performance and operating feel of the products, auxiliary facilities, and even materials. aspect. The stability and continuity of the machine and the accuracy of the precision parts have all been developed by leaps and bounds. Some imported parts play a professional role in quite a few domestic machines and become the basic guarantee of machine quality.
The integration of upstre

am and downstream resources and the change of dynamic environment have put forward new requirements for equipment development. Leading enterprises in the industry are investing more capital and personnel energy to develop new technologies, so that new products have quality in some performance aspects. leap.
Once these new products are developed and put into production, they will greatly affect the process of industrialization, and many imminent problems may be solved.
Such as improving the high speed and automation of products, reducing labor, many machines have been continuously developed from digital program control, operability, automatic feeding, transmission, pre-press, post-press and other procedures to ensure accuracy, convenient and fast conversion, and even customer personality. Customization, design custom equipment, etc. In addition, a rotary screen printing machine that saves a certain step procedure was developed, and a more efficient screen printing machine was developed, so that many parameters such as blade pressure, speed and angle can be read immediately and can be controlled by program, and can be used when printing reverse copies. Repeated production according to the program can ensure the accurate use of production data in the whole process from pre-press preparation to printing, and screen printing will definitely get greater development. In the future, China’s screen printing will develop in depth and depth. “Deep” refers to advancing to a high level of high technology, and has long been widely used in computer design, plate making, electronic engraving and other industries in the international screen printing industry. And China has begun to develop vigorously for these new technologies; “Guang” is the development of new screen printing products, such as giant advertising printing, precision circuit board printing, touch screen printing and so on. Therefore, China’s screen printing equipment will have a leap forward in terms of equipment, technology or scale.
The technical improvement of the screen printing machine will bring new hope and impetus to the upgrading and development of the screen printing industry.

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