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The development trend of pad printing machine technology

Since its inception, pad printing machine technology has been receiving more and more attention from enterprises for its obvious advantages. It combined with screen printing technology, together to open up a new situation in the printing market. From the traditional labor-intensive, gradually to technology-intensive step. This is a trend to adapt to the world’s development.

Pad printing machine pad printing process is also constantly improving and perfecting the ink for pad printing technology is crucial. Nowadays, the emergence of closed ink can be said to be a new development in pad printing machine pad printing technology.

First of all, it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, because it saves the amount of ink, and at the same time workers enjoy a more hygienic and comfortable environment.

Secondly, it also saves time and effort, because the long-term stable viscosity of the ink makes it free from the trouble of cleaning the cartridge and squeegee after printing. In addition, when operating in mass production, the use of closed ink is more than suitable.

It integrates more factors in the use of the staff, making further improvements in both productivity and quality. The pad printing process is also moving into newer areas. In order to put it into production more efficiently, pad printing technology is gradually completing inline production, organically integrating the pad printing machine with the entire production and operation to form a complete and unified link.

Pad printing technology is gradually moving toward automation of printing, with highly sophisticated systems that not only pass the quality of printing, i.e., precision, but are also adapted to the needs of mass production. In addition, pad printing printing technology is gradually forming an integral part with the production environment, product consumption and maintenance.

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