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Eight Color Automatic Pad Printing Production Line for Precision Plastic Parts

Model Number:EN-C125/8A

Machine Type: Eight Color, Closed Ink cup, Plate moving

Inkcup Size: OD 65 ID 60 H5.2 mm

Plate Size: 140*70*10mm (Both Steel plate and Ceramic plate are available )

Product Details

Machine Standard Features:

●   Pad and pad speed independent down & up ;

●  Structure: 1 Unit Table with heated pan connect with machine control by main controller touch screen.

●  Individual ink cup driving, individual picking ink, individual transfer;

●  Machine with Eight Printing head ,each color independently control;

●  Machine with hot wind with independently control ;

●  Both Steel plate and Ceramic Plate can be used on machine.

●  Printing precision:±0.03mm

●  Complying with CE safety standards;

●  Operation manual is available

ENGYPRINT Two Color Closed Ink Cup Round Rotary Table Pad Printer Specifications:

Model NO. EN-C125/8A
Plate size 140*70*10mm
Max. printing size Around 40mm
Ink Cup Size OD 65 ID 60 H5.2 mm
Printing capacity 800 cycles/hour
Main voltage 3-PHASE: 415V 50Hz
Machine size 2300*2000*1850mm
Crated size 2710*2310*2180mm
Net Weight 2000kg
Gross Weight 2455kg

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