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Silk Screen Printer With Flat Work Table For Cosmetic Bag

Model Number: EN-PS6090

Work Table Size : 700×1000mm

Drive : Pneumatic , Semi-automatic

Application : Paper, Cards, Eyeglass, PVC film,PVC cosmetic bag, etc.

Product Details

Machine Standard Features:

● The single chip IC cooperates with the touch panel to compile the movement program.

● Automatic four-digit counter to count the number of prints.

● Double-column lifting structure, stable and high precision.

● The left and right strokes are adjustable

● The angle of the scraper/returning knife can be adjusted arbitrarily.

● Squeegee constant pressure device to ensure stable pressure during printing.

● The worktable can be fine-tuned and locked by adjusting the rotation angle of the right front, back, left and right.

● The position of the outline frame can be adjusted back and forth, left and right, level, and height.

● T-slot or suction table is optional, which is convenient for fixing light and soft products.

● Up, down, left and right are equipped with hydraulic buffers to eliminate printing vibration.

● The whole machine runs fast, smoothly, with low noise, and manual and automatic modes are optional.

ENGYPRINT Silk Screen Printer Specifications:

Model NO. EN-PS6090
Drive System: Pneumatic
Worktable size: 700×1000mm
Max. printing size: 600×900mm
Max. printing capacity: 1000 cycles/hr
Print thickness: 0.5-120 mm
Product height: 0~100mm
Voltage: 220V 60MHZ 75W
Air requirement: 4-6 bar
Machine size: 1350x1050x1650mm
Crated size: 1600 L x 1300 W x1860 H
Air consumption: 0.7L/cycle
Air Pressure Input: 80 psi
Net Weight 360kg


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