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Silk Screen Printer For Perfume Bottle-YS300

Model Number: EN-YS300

Screen Plate Size : 380 x 580mm

Drive : Pneumatic , Semi-automatic

Application : Cups, Caps, Glasses, Coffee Cups, Fast Food Box ,Perfume Bottle,

Gift Box, Syringe , Etc.

Product Details

Machine Standard Features:

EN-YS300  semi-automatic bottle and container screen printer is a well designed and versatile machine. The EN-YS300  can screen print on flat and cylindrical objects such as blow molded bottles, cosmetic tubes, aluminum water bottles, drum sticks, glass pipettes, etc.


The EN-YS300  features quick & simple tooling changeovers, precise mechanical registration & conveniently all controls are on the front panel.


  • Electro-pneumatic controlled
  • Programmable set-up
  • Pneumatic controlled with shock absorbers
  • Vertical head lift with up/down lock
  • Linear ball bearings on hardened shafts
  • Foot switch controlled
  • Squeegee tilt, skew, and height adjustments
  • Screen frame angle adjustment
  • Universal fixture bar for mounting custom tooling
  • Bottle inflation system with regulator
  • Bottle inflation is synchronized with print cycle
  • Regulated squeegee pressure with pressure gauge
  • Floor levelers & casters
    ENGYPRINT Silk Screen Printer Specifications:

    Model NO. EN-YS300
    Drive System: Pneumatic
    Frame Up/Down Stroke: 100mm (3.94″)
    Maximum Print Area Round: 110mm (4.33″) Ø
    Maximum Print Area Oval: 340mm (13.39″) Arc Length
    Maximum Print Area Flat: 200 x 320mm (7.87″ x 12.60″)
    Working Table Size: 250 x 400mm (9.84″ x 15.75″)
    Table Adjustment: X,Y +/-15mm / 15 degrees
    Maximum Screen Frame Size: 380 x 580mm (14.96″ x 22.83″)
    Screen Frame Thickness: 18 – 25mm (.71″ – .98″)
    Squeegee Angle: 0-15 degrees
    Printing Cycle Speed: 1,200 cycles/hr
    Squeegee Speed: 20/min
    Squeegee Pressure: 2 – 4 Bar
    Electric Source: 110V/220V 50-60Hz 50W
    Air Pressure Input: 80 psi
    Air Consumption: 0.7 L/cycle
    Machine Weight: 150 kg (330.69 lbs)
    Machine Weight (including crating): 230 kg (507.06 lbs)
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 1,310 x 1,010 x 1,315m
    Crate Dimensions:  900*910*1500mm

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