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Pad Printing Cliche Plates-Thick Steel Plate

Used On : Pad printer

Material:  SKD11/ 2510/ GCr15

Mark : D2 / EN / 01

Surface Finish : Black / Bright / Mirror

Services : Logo etching service is available

Product Details

Product detail:

The purpose of using cliches / plates on pad printer :

By using the etching technology, the required logo will be etched on the cliches, when the pad printer start printing, the pads will move back and forth to transfer the logo from cliches to the products.

Clichés, Plate Steel Material Comparison Chart:

Steel Type: GCR-15 2510 SKD-11 / 9Cr12MoV
Cliché Marks: HR EN D2
Rust Resistance Ability: √√ √√ √ √ √√ √ √ √
Printing Life: √√ √√√√ √√√√√√


Clichés, Plate Production Parameters Chart:

Heat treatment Hardness  HRC 63+/-1
Cliché, plate

Surface Finish Roughness


 Black Surface — Ra0.1μm

Bright Surface — Ra0.01μm

Mirror Surface — Ra0.001μm

Cliché, plate Surface Parallel  For Open Type Pad Printers……500:0.05mm

For Cup Type Pad Printers……500:0.005mm

Cliché, plate

Machining Thickness

 Common thickness: 9.8-10.2mm

Special thickness: 8mm, 9mm, 12mm, 13mm, 15mm

Other thickness can be customized.

Cliché, Plates Common Size  70x140mm, 75x100mm, 75x150mm, 75x200mm…

100x100mm, 100x150mm, 100x200mm, 100×215 mm, 100x250mm, …

150x150mm, 150x300mm, 150x350mm…

200x200mm, 200x500mm, 200x550mm…

Other sizes can be customized.

Cliché, plate Machining Size Any special size clichés can be made according to order.



The Process of Making Plate :

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