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Carbide Ring For Pad Printing Ink Cups

Used On : Pad printer ink cup

Material: Tungsten steel

Edge: Single / Double edges

Bevel: Single / Double bevels

Services : Customized service is acceptable

Product Details

Product detail:

The purpose of using carbide ring on pad printing ink cups:

Sealed ink cups is able to be filled with different inks , it will be mounted on pad printer, with the help of different types of rings, the blade can scrape the ink well on plate and enable pad takes suitable ink to print the logo on product.

We supply ceramic rings / carbide( Tungsten steel ) rings / customized rings


Ring Blade Sizes: ( listed as below but sizes are not limited )

60/65/5.2[mm] 60/70/6.5[mm] 60/70/12[mm] 65/70/8[mm] 80/90/12[mm]
82/90/1.2[mm] 90/95/5.2[mm] 90/96/6[mm] 90/96/8[mm] 90/100/12[mm]
110/120/12[mm] 120/130/12[mm] 135/140/6[mm] 140/150/12[mm] 180/192/12[mm]


Ring Blade Types:

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