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Pad Printer Pad, Silicon Rubber Pad for Pad Printing Machine

Used On: Pad Printer

Material: Silicon Rubber

Hardness: Can be customized

Surface : Glossy or Matt

Standard: Common or Anti-static

Color: Red, White, Blue , Green or made according to demand

Product Details

Product detail:

The purpose of using pad on pad printing machine:

A pad printing pad is the ink transfer mechanism in pad printing machine, when the machine working, the pad picks up the image with ink and transfers(print) it to the product.

We supply over 1000+ different pad and able to produce pad according to customer requirement upon 3D drawing or real sample.

The pad is one of the most important elements in the pad printing process. The correct choice is essential in obtaining good final print results. The pad is made with a special silicone rubber with the following characteristics.

  • Excellent adhesion and detachment of the ink allowing a perfect transferof the image to be printed;
  • Strength and resistance to solvents and inks for pad longevity;
  • Hardness and form stability.

Important: It is necessary to use pads with length and width dimensions at least 10% to 20% greater than the print area.


What determines the pad quality ?

  • The silicon rubber quality – Engyprint use imported raw material to produce pad
  • The air bubble – Engyprint use air vacuum machine during production to avoid bubble in the pad


How to clean pad ?

  • Use transparent adhesive tape to clean dust

How to solve the problem If the pad don’t pick up ink ?

  • Making a few prints on paper
  • Orby a short cleaning operation using alcohol
  • Or rubbing the pad back and for on the denim

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