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Four Color Open Tray Pad Printer For Safety Products

Product name : Four Color Open Tray Pad Printer For Safety Products

Machine Type: Four Color , Open Tray

Plate Size: 100*200mm or customized

Drive : Pneumatic , Semi-automatic

Machine Brand: ENGY

Application : Toys, Plastics, Gifts, Electronics, Bottle Caps, Safety

Products,Gloves etc.

Product Details

ENGYPRINT Four Color Open Tray Pad Printing Machine Specifications:

Model NO. EN-Y200/4S
Plate size 100x200mm
Max. printing size 80*170mm
Printing capacity 600 cycles/hour
Air requirement 5 bar (72.5 psi)
Main voltage 110V/220V 50/60Hz 40W
Machine size L1100xW900xH1450mm
Net Weight 170kg


Machine Standard Features:

●  Different machine stroke are available to meet diversify product printing demand.

●  Semi automatic, microprocessor control system, pneumatic control.

●  Independent adjustment of up and down, front and back stroke.

●  Independent X, Y printing pad adjustment.

●  Open Tray base with X, Y, R adjustment, worktable X,Y adjustment.

●  Foot pedal operation for single cycle.

●  Complying with CE safety standards.


This series of pad printers has outstanding features for stable, durable and fine workmanship, the foot pedal can help to stop the printing at any time and print for single cycle.

The work table can be adjusted according to the real printing demand, ink cup, pad and plate can easily changed, and related operation video will be provided.


Engyprint Open Tray Pad Printing Machines:

Our open tray pad printing machine’s structure is different than that of a sealed ink cup pad printer; the container to hold ink is an empty tray, which is why the ink inside of the tray is visible, 

Open tray pad printer is best to assemble with a thick plate for printing; if anyone hopes to try a thin plate, it is necessary to build a magnet in the base plate on the pad printing machine to ensure the plate won’t move during the printing process.


The open tray pad printing machine uses a doctor’s blade to scrap the ink on the plate, which is different than the closed ink cup pad printer (use a ceramic ring or carbide ring ). 

A doctor’s blade price is much lower than a ceramic ring. 


Engyprint Open tray pad printing machine can print big logos, for example, 100*100mm, 130*130mm or 150*200mm logos, or even bigger sizes.


The hot sale open tray pad printing machine is one color pad printer with shuttle and two color pad printers with conveyor.


Our technical experts can walk you through the benefits and considerations of each approach and help you find the best solution for your unique application.


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