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Four Color Closed Ink Cup Pad Printer With Pad Cleaning System

Product name :  Closed Ink Cup Pad Printer With Pad Cleaning System

Machine Type: Four Color , Closed Ink cup

Inkcup Size: OD100 ID 90 H12mm

Plate Size: 100*250mm or 100*300mm or customized

Drive : Pneumatic , Semi-automatic

Machine Brand: ENGY

Application : High quality requirement logo

Product Details

ENGYPRINT Closed Ink Cup Pad Printing Machine With Pad Cleaning System Specifications:

Model NO. EN-C160/4S EN-C200/4S
Plate size 100*250mm 100*300mm
Max. printing size 60*110mm 60*160mm
 Ink Cup Size OD100 ID 90 H12mm OD100 ID 90 H12mm
Printing capacity 600 cycles/hour 600 cycles/hour
Air requirement 5 bar (72.5 psi) 5 bar (72.5 psi)
Main voltage 110V/220V 50/60Hz 40W 110V/220V 50/60Hz 40W
Machine size L850*W1400*H1350mm L1100*W1400*H1450mm
Net Weight 180kg 250kg


Machine Standard Features:

●  Different machine stroke to meet diversify products printing demand.

●  Closed ink cup printing system, clean and environmental friendly.

●  Microprocessor control, low noise, stable performance, simple operation.

●  Pad cleaning system can improve the printing quality.

●  Widely applied in many industries that require for high printing quality.

●  Complying with CE safety standards.

Pad printing is a printing process that allows one to print writings, graphics, drawings, logos and decorations on almost any objects, including on concave, convex or generally irregularly shaped surfaces.

Engyprint machines are all comply to CE standard, major accessories are imported from overseas, that’s why our pad printers can work stable and excellent in customers factory.


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