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Exposure Machine for Pad Printer Plate Making

Model Number: EN-BG/2000

Apply: Screen plate&cliche plates exposure

Used For: Plate Making For Pad Printing Machine

Service: Operation video provided

Product Details

Machine Features:

●  Automatic pumping, exposure, timing functions.

●  The exposure unit is equipped with a 1.2-liter vacuum pump, the pumping speed is fast, the screen frame can be sucked firmly in a short time, Exhale instantly.

●  The shutter of the printing machine is equipped with an automatic shading shutter and a built-in exhaust cooling system, which can dissipate the heat of the lamp in time to prolong the service life of the lamp and achieve the best printing effect.

●  The lamp tube adopts professional iodine gallium lamp, which is particularly durable and has the characteristics of stable spectrum, longer life time, lower power consumption and short printing time.

Machine Specification :

Machine Specification: Detail
Power Rating: 220V/2KW
UV Lamp: UV Light
Maximum exposure size: 900*1200mm
Machine Size: L1200mmxW900mmxH920mm
Packed Size: 1000*1320*1000


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