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Fiber Laser Machine For Plate Making

Used For: Aluminum Plate Engraving

Machine Power : 20 W / 30W

Service: Operation video provided, free sample engraving

Free sample printing after engraving

Product Details

Product detail:

The purpose of using fiber laser machine to make the plate for pad printing

Fiber laser machine is easier operation than chemical etching, logo engraving process is much less complicated.

Machine Specification :

Specification Detail
Laser Source: Raycus Laser source
Type of source: Pulse fiber laser
Output Average Power : 20W / 30 W
Wave Length: 1064mm
Position Resolution: 1.0μm
Power supply: 220V 50/60hz
Beam quality: <1.5 /<1.8
Consumed power: 400W / 500W
Marking area: 110*110mm
Product Height: 0-150mm
Max Speed of galvo head: 7000mm/sec
Frequency : 30-60Khz
Cooling system: air cooling
Auxiliary focus red dot: yes
Laser class : 4
Making Material: Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Metal, Plastic etc
Net weight: 45KG
Gross weight : 58KG


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