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How to find a suitable pad printer for a round ceramic product ?

A Medical Supplies Manufacturer hope to find a suitable pad printer for his ceramic product. Let’s see how we helped them :

First Contact:

Client have indicated:
1.they are interested in two or four color pad printer.
2.The pad printer is used to print ceramic discs for medical use
3.They would like to understand the operation system

Our professional Reply:

Sales manager has assigned our professional colleague Zoe to take care this case.
We have asked for below information to recommend the machine:

1.The max ceramic discs dimension is : D100mm
2.The logo dimension is: D98mm

Based on these information , we selected our medium sized machine EN-160 series
And provide both 2 color machine and 4 color machine for reference.

Technical discussion:
After received our quotation, client replied they are interested in the 4 colors pneumatic one.

But at the same time, they would like to know more information for below questions:
(1)The print logo is almost the same size as the product, how can we ensure the print quality?
(2)What’s the difference between the pad printer with servo-motor and pneumatic
In order to explain these questions in detail, we have set an video meeting with client.

The major answer are as below:

● To ensure the the pad printer can be used to print 98mm diameter, we suggested to customized the printing plate to 130*270mm, the ink cup size enlarged to OD 130mm, ID 120mm.
● The major difference between servo motor and pneumatic :
(1)Pneumatic pad printer price is cheaper, printing precision is less, noise is louder
(2)Servo motor pad printer price is much expensive,but the machine life time is longer, and printing precision is higher.

Consider client hope to have precision printing quality, while the product shape is simple, product size is not big, we suggest client to customize the pad printer: use servo motor control for shutter plus pneumatic control for pad, in this way, the printing quality is guaranteed, and, the pad printer price can be much less than full servo motor control to save cost.

Client is very satisfy with our professional suggestion, they believe that ENGY only recommend the suitable machine but not the expensive machine.

Our sales person always ready to provide timely response no matter the question is from e-mail or from whatsapp, wechat, no matter when the question comes from client, early morning or mid night.
This is another reason that client choose to cooperate with ENGY pad printer.

We received payment on 10th Jan. And send out the pad printing machine on 22nd Jan.
Before the machine delivered out, we have printed the logo for a trial to select the most suitable pad hardness for printing.

Here is the print sample for reference:

Pad printer is ready in production line:

This is how we packed The pad printer:


Why client chose ENGY, although our machine price is not the cheapest ?
●We understand the requirement from client clearly.
●Our sales person provide very thoughtful and timely response all the time.
●Our engineer person provide professional suggestion according to the real demand.
●We are willing to do product testing to help client choose the correct consumables in the future
●We provide one-stop solution from machine to consumables.
●We understand what is the printing difficulties to help client prevent it in advance.

Welcome to contact with Engyprint to find the best printing solution.
Whatsapp: +8613509825363
E-mail: lina@engyprint.cn

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