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EN-BY225/4A Four Color Pad Printer With Conveyor For Lighters

Product name: Four Color Pad Printer With Conveyor For Lighters

Model Number:EN-B225/4A

Machine Type: Four Color , Open Tray

Plate Size: 100*200mm

Fixture: 14

Drive : Pneumatic2 , Semi-automatic

Application : Chips, Pen, Toys, Bottle caps, cups, cosmetics, Lighters,

Cameras, pharmaceutical and medical equipment etc.

Product Details

Machine Standard Features:

The pad printer is able to print 4 colors, with the help of wind system, the ink dry time can be expedited.

The conveyor work table size can be customized according to the real product size,

The work table height is adjustable,

It is necessary to close the electric chamber before start printing,

Normally the machine will be adjusted well to ready for printing before delivery.


  • ENGYPRINT Four Color Ink cup Pad Printer Specifications:
    Model NO. EN-B225/4A
    Plate size 200 x 100mm (8”x4”)
    Max. printing size 100*80mm
    Printing capacity 800 cycles/hour
    Front & back working stroke 225 mm
    Air requirement 5 bar (72.5 psi)
    Main voltage 110V/220V 50/60Hz 40W
    Machine size L1100xW1150xH1450mm
    Crated size L1350xW1400xH1680mm
    Net Weight 220kg
    Gross Weight 280kg

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